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End of the series; Why follow a difficult but heartfelt path through alternative education?

By 12 October 2017No Comments

#6 End of the series; Why follow a difficult but heartfelt path through alternative education?

I feel that I am an artist of life. I feel a deep desire and need to create from my desire, my desire to do what feels most expanding and most aligned with my intuition. And by doing this I feel like I want to serve in creating an even more amazing, beautiful world and help the people around me. As I was reading through the introduction of Otto Scharmer’s Theory-U I found a lot of similarities and familiarities. He writes:

’’The greatest of all human inventions is the creative process and how we bring forth new realities. Understanding the creative process is the foundation of genuine mastery in all fields. This knowledge is deeply embedded in the creative arts and, though, rarely spoken of, defines those moments ‘where the magic is in the air’.’’

I felt a lot of synchronicity while reading this, as I am very lucky to be educated as an artist. Through my artwork I have learned to reach into the depths of my intuition and bring forth new realities. The creative process has been guiding me ever since I have graduated and has become more of a lifestyle; it became the way I live and act.

Otto Scharmer suggests that the key to addressing the multiple unfolding crises of our time- and the future course of human development- lies in learning how to access this source of mastery collectively. Two predominant strategies characterize reactions to the unfolding environmental and social breakdowns evident in climate change, political paralysis and the failures of mainstream institutions of education, healthcare and business; ‘muddling through’ and ‘fighting back’. But Otto Scharmer’s theory U embodies a third view. This view holds that the future will, inevitably, be very different from the past. Achieving the changes needed means nothing less than ‘creating the world anew’ based on a radically different view, of our capacity to, as Martin Buber put it: “Listen to the course of being in the world, and bring it to reality as it desires”.

To bring this back to a perspective on Knowmads, I think they reach these depths of really listening to the course of being in the world. These are the depths that I am looking for to share with myself, others and the world. They guide students through a deep inner journey and help to create the magic Otto Scharmer talks about. And as Guus calls it; ‘’Love and Rock & Roll’’. The students develop themselves through the creative process and create a new reality of their own, mostly in order to serve towards an even better world. They genuinely educate change makers!

So why follow this path through alternative education?

For me, following this path nourishes me with a deep fulfilment. A fulfilment I have never known before. Following this feeling of fulfilment is something that I must do, a direction that naturally fills me with peace and clarity deep down inside my heart and mind. When going down this road I feel like I am listening to the ‘course of being in the world and bringing it to reality as it desires’. It gives me the feeling that the world is embodied in me, empowering me to answer its call.

Reference: ”Theory-U, Otto Scharmer’’.






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