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Online coaching sessions

I’m Amber, an energetic, loving and expressive, lively woman. To feel as free and radiant as I do now (most of the time) I had to move through many difficult and challenging life occurrences. In my youth I have experienced a deep sense of rebirth and letting go, being pushed into a path of growth, authenticity and without a doubt deeply following my heart.

My inner world experiences deeply and is very connective, colourful and sensitive. In my life I try to live close to my felt essence and integrity, taking enough time to listen to my voice within.

Through gently embracing human-nes, our raw and real reality and messiness I love supporting others in their journey. Throughout the last 8 years I have worked with different types of coaching, giving workshops, retreats related to self-uncovering, returning and coming home to yourself and the world.

I have always felt deeply inspired and intrinsically motivated to understand and support other human beings. I have a gentle character and can listen, reflect, mirror and come to new insights together with you.

I offer different types of coaching sessions:


Introduction Call 

A coaching trajectory starts with an introduction call.

To get to know each other and understand if we want and- can grow together in depth, we always start with an explorative introduction call without any expectation or obligation.

We will discuss your wishes, needs and things you would like to explore during the coaching trajectory so I can understand if I can offer you what you need.

Of course the sense of connection and safety will be one of the most important to feel in our container when starting a deep process of growth.

We will decide together on the next steps; I will propose an amount of sessions needed and the duration of the sessions.

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Life Path Sessions/Soul Path Sessions

These sessions will support you in your inner growth, we will take the time to understand your needs, what you would like to uncover or change in your life. Then we will work through the things that are coming up for you through conversation, possibly some bodywork, meditation and visualisation (art therapy) sessions. Through these different practices a practical, social or emotional layer can be uncovered and reveil where and how a new movement or change can be made in your life.

You will be able to move through difficult emotions with more ease and confidence, become more aware and radiant and feel more

lively and at home in your own body.

We will have an introduction call to understand where you are at and throughout the sessions you will work through the patterns that are holding you back from fully expressing and embracing yourself.

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The Artists Path Sessions 

These sessions are a container to (re) discover your inner artist. We will have an introduction call

to understand where you are at and throughout the sessions you will work through the patterns that are holding you back

from fully expressing yourself. We will gently uncover your fascinations, intuitive preferences for concepts and materials

and we will eventually move into the concrete creation phase. We will take small and subtle steps together, making it a

freeing and lively, deeply felt experience, which has the possibility to move- and shine on other things in your life as well.

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Practical information

All sessions are held online
Timeframe: 1 to 2 hours
Prices: I work with a sliding scale so I can welcome most people into my studio;
Starting with 69,- per hour to 89,- per hour