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Art School of Life

Do you feel a craving to have a taste of the artist’s life?
Have you been feeling blocked and would you love to fully embrace your inner creativity?
Is your inner artist looking for inspiration or are you simply longing to free your true inner being into the world?

This is YOUR unique opportunity to open yourself up to your inner creative power, to receive inspiration, unwind, feel nurtured, and express yourself into form!
We will warmly guide you through your authentic process and support you with effective tools to shape the art that wants to come through you.

In our journey we will go through the stages of sensing, awakening, experimenting, manifesting and expanding.
To open up your visual creativity we will be working with paint, pastels, crayons, paper and canvas and YOU!
There will be space for any expression of art, from dance to performance, from poetry to music.
Create anything you desire!

The Art School of Life is opening its magic doors in the beautiful conscious centre Home of Gaia in Amsterdam, 22-24th of November 2019!

We welcome you to the 2,5-day Art School of Life, created by Amber Grothe and Sif Yraola.